Yemen: recipes for Disaster

Profit before human lives

Thousand’s die every day from cholera in Yemen in an epidemic provoked by bombings by Saudi-led coalition with arms provided by the United Sates. Just another of those ‘success’ of the American president who was proud of signing such an enormous arms deal with the Saudi’s. Enough of profit at the expense of human lives and wide-spread misery and suffering. #NotMyPresident.

Democracy Now! | “A Forgotten Crisis”: Yemen’s Aid Workers Speak Out About the World’s Worst Humanitarian Disaster.

Faster than a car!

Ivan Illich famously said that the bicycle was faster than the car, all considered. Of course, there are some preconditions to be fulfilled before that can be true which have more to do with society than bicycles or cars.

Ivan Illich, Energy and Equity“, 1978

Gaza: Recipes for Disaster

Let powerful allies do as they please

In a supposed drive to stamp out terrorism, the systematic blockade of the Gaza Strip has led to intolerable living conditions for the Palestinian  population. How can a nation that was a victim of the Holocaust afflict such suffering on fellow human beings?

UNOCHA (UN Office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs) | Gaza Blocade

Democracy Now! | Gaza on Verge of Collapse as Israel Sends 2.2M People “Back to Middle Ages” in Electricity Crisis

Lonely man hangs out with longtime friend

The White House admits Trump hung out with Putin at the end of an official dinner with heads of state at G19+1. According to a report in the Guardian, they sat apart and out of earshot and had an animated conversation assisted only by Putin’s translator. #NotMyPresident. Meanwhile Senate Republications continue waging an unsuccessful ideological war against Obama’s Health Care Act and beyond it, the poor and marginalised.

The Guardian | Trump and Putin had undisclosed second meeting, White House confirms

The Guardian | Repeal now, replace later? GOP’s last-ditch healthcare effort thwarted

Fukushima: Recipe for disaster

Letting energy companies go uncontrolled

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) to dump 700,000 tons of contaminated water from Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean

Who’s the boss?

Remember the tiny Trumps? Gotta laugh! Better than crying or ripping your hair out. And I bet laughing at 45 does far more damage than screaming.

The Brexit blokes!

How Brexit blokes do business: with no papers but also no women, at least that’s the impression this photo gives of the core negotiators.
Photo: Reuters via The Guardian.

This is not a poem | Anthony Anaxagorou

Tobacco: Recipes for Disaster

Give a free hand to corporate interests

Multinational PMI invests millions to sabotage anti-smoking treaty according to documents revealed by Reuters.

The Guardian | Philip Morris waging global effort to hobble anti-smoking treaty, files show

The Guardian | Series: Tobacco: a deadly business

Reuters | Exclusive: Documents reveal Philip Morris’ campaign to subvert the world’s anti-smoking treaty.

Democracy now! |  From Pence to Price: How Big Tobacco Gained Influence under Trump, Plans to Expand in Africa.

Global warming: Recipes for disaster

Deny climate change and ridicule climate scientists