Swisscom: the bully

Swisscom just wrote saying the phone contract I had had for years is no longer available. It has been replaced as part of ‘improvements’ they regularly make. The letter informs me that they have chosen a comparable programme for me based on my past usage. According to them it offers ‘improved security in terms of expenditure’ but, although the price is mentioned, they fail to point out that it will cost twice as much per month. The change, they say, is automatic, so I don’t have to worry and can continue to use my phone without interruption or having to change numbers. I can, of course, switch to another of their other contracts. Unfortunately the underlying logic of Swisscom does not cater for my needs. All their programmes favour unlimited data exchange over the guarantee of fast connection speeds. To ensure high speed you have to pay much more. I don’t need to download tons of data, but I do want the downloading to go quickly. Theoretically my former contract included high speed transfers, although there were times when it felt like downloading was being throttled. As many factors can influence net speeds, it is difficult to say. So why don’t I change company? Because all our family uses Swisscom and phoning each other will cost more if one of us is with another company. Just another way to lock us in with an incumbent telephone company that is milking the market.

Big place in the world

This car roared so loud even though it was driving the wrong way into the car park. It sounded like the garage forgot to re-instal the exhaust pipe after the last tuning. Maybe it was that noise that made the driver use two spaces to park. Some might say it demonstrates an inability to park correctly. I suspect it was not a question of failing dexterity but rather an exaggerated sense of place in the world. There’s a lot of it going on.