A load of hot air

Météo Suisse has announced we are in a for a big storm this evening along the Jura mountains. It has been code-named Trumpette. This last snippet of information was unofficially provided by the official Russian Disinformation Agency under the leadership of an ex-KGB boss known to be lurking in the Kremlin. It was sponsored by a secret branch of the US Republican Party thought to be anywhere between The Tea Party, the Ku Klux Klan and the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, according to a lorryload of confidential papers dumped on the doorsteps of world newspapers by Chinese workers disguised as emissaries of WikiLeaks who in turn were disguised as Swedish investigators looking for Julian Assange. The FBI and the CIA have stated they are currently unable to confirm whether the papers are to be trusted. They did, however, state that they burnt rather well. Congress has ordered an enquiry, although it has yet to be decided what the enquiry will investigate. President elect, Donald Trump, in fine form, tweeted: It’s a load of cr*p. Nazi bulls*t. And I’m still better than Hillary. But don’t let yourself be blown away by the news. It may just be a load of hot air.

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