Brexit: Outstanding Questions

Time and time again partisans of Brexit reject calls for caution and a more measured stance about leaving the EU by attacking the person and their past. Rather than consider the wisdom of John Major’s words they portray him as an embittered loser. Exactly the same tactic was used when Tony Blair spoke out about Brexit. In the current political climate, the slightest criticism of May’s strategy is immediately disqualified by disqualifying the person raising questions. This ‘heads down and let’s get on with it’ refusal to consider alternatives that is typical of Teresa May’s approach is worrying.

Several questions desperately need to be addressed. The first being the claims of Brexit supporters about the ease and the extent of their future successes in negotiations, ignoring the fact that negotiations necessarily involve another party whose plans and considerations may not align with those of U.K. negotiators. The second is the impact on life in Britain of an isolationist approach fuelling a nationalistic feeling of superiority and ultimately suspicion and dislike of certain categories of people, even if it is denied by those preparing Brexit. And finally, the blind and unswerving adhesion to a popular opinion at a given moment as the justification for all future action when that decision was fuelled by claims some of which have proved unfulfillable and circumstances are complex and continually changing.

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