Outrageous wins hands down

Forty-five* will not endorse Paul Ryan as Republican splits widen says The Guardian. It’s almost as if the candidate is seeing how far he can go before he gets booted out on his ears, except that the more outrageous the things he does and says, the more despicable they are, the more the mass of his supporters clamour for him to do more and ultimately be elected. This is not democracy. It’s some twisted TV reality show during which competitors try to outdo each other by the most outlandish and unacceptable behaviour cheered on by a frenzied crowd. It’s “Kill the pig”, TV style. Except it is is the pig that is the killer not the killed. What do you expect, he’s a multi-millionaire. This is not Lord of The Flies. The spectacle has erupted in real life and not on a deserted island or on a TV set. And if someone doesn’t have the courage to put a stop to it, we are all going to be dragged into the nightmare.

*- Forty-fifth president

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