Privatise & militarise the police

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More and more money is being spent on militarising the police supposedly because of the threat of terrorism and armed crime by migrant populations. But a quick look at some of the articles and links quoted below shows that it is not terrorists who are the major target of police repression and violence, but rather marginalised populations and dissidents. #NotMyPresident.

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Photo source: The Atlantic

Democracy Now | Policy brutality  – links to a series articles and videos.

Sarah Lazare, Debbie Southorn, The Intercept | How do Chicago Police treat mental health? With SWAT raids

William Hartung, | The Trillion-Dollar National Security Budget

Mapping Police Violence in the US

Police Brutality UK

Police violence in Barcelona (from YouTube)

Democracy Now | U.S. Ramps Up Border Militarism as Trump Appoints DHS Head General John Kelly to Chief of Staff


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