Enough is enough, but beware damage by his minions

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Enough of the clown. That attention is so focused on him is not surprising. He knows how to hold media attention with his outrageous and shocking behaviour. People are understandably up in arms against his words and acts. Not only is he a staunch neo-liberalist out to rape the world and most of its people for the betterment of a select few, but recent events have reminded everyone that he is and always has been a racist.

Yet we should not forget that, while he prances about and blusters in favour of white supremacists and threatens nuclear war against Korea and military intervention in Venezuela, his minions in the administration advance an agenda that is equally shocking and devastating. Budget cuts hitting the poor and disenfranchised. Voter suppression. Removal of women’s rights. Massive favours to industry. Tax cuts for the ultra-rich. Disastrous refusal of global warming and policies that will push the world over the edge. (…)

Trump must go! But removing Trump would not be enough. The system embodied by neoliberalism that undoes the state and the public sphere and rapes the world and its peoples in the name of a quick buck for the ultra-rich, must go with him.

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Original photo sources: Kevin Lamarque, Reuters and Mandel Ngan, AFP, Getty Images

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What follows is a small sample of the damage being done by Trump and the Trump administration.

Alex Emmons, The Intercept | Jeff Sessions wants to make “legalised theft” great again

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Democracy Now | Vice President Pence’s Office Plans to Control Voter Roll Data

Andrew Restuccia, Matthew Nussbaum, Sarah Ferris, Politico | Trump releases budget hitting his own voters hardest

Pro Choice America | Donald Trump on Reproductive Freedom

Democracy Now | “Care in Chaos”: New Documentary Uncovers Rising Tide of Attacks on Abortion Clinics Under Trump

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