Women are not objects to be used and abused

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Women are not objects. Yet news from around the world underlines how many men act as if they were, while key figures, like Trump, set a disastrous example.

Today it was announced that a ten-year-old Indian girl, victim of repeated rape by her step father, has given birth after having been refused the right to abortion by the Indian Supreme Court. Meanwhile in England in a number of towns girls and women have been and still are being groomed then abused by gangs of men.

A year ago, it was revealed that Trump was proud to boast he could grope the genitals of any woman he pleased, Subsequently, once he was elected president, he laid bare his misogyny by verbally attacking women for their looks and their body fluids. At the same time, the Trump administration has cut budgets for family planning and sought to curtail possibilities for abortion not just in the US but in developing countries around the world.

What right has a band of white men to curtail or violate women’s rights? How dare they believe they are superior to women, just like they believe whites are superior to people of colour or other ethnic groups. Racism and misogyny are ugly traits that go hand in hand and have no place in a civilised world. Women are not objects.

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