Puerto Rico: ‘We are dying,’ says San Juan’s mayor

San Juan’s mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, makes an emotional, heartfelt plea for help for Puerto Rica, saying that the island is devastated, that people are dying around her, that if the federal government doesn’t come to their help it will be genocide.

Meanwhile, that swine-in-chief Trump boasts about how good the US response has been in helping Puerto Rica and sneers at a mayor who, according to him is incapable.… (Read more...)

Climate breakdown says George Monbiot, not change

George Mombiot

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Climate breakdown, not climate change. The words we use to discuss an issue like the impact of climate on the world have an important effect on the way we communicate and the way we understand what is happening. George Monbiot underlines this fact in an article entitled Natural Language saying: If we want people to engage with the living world, we should stop using such constipated terms to describe our relationship to it.(Read more...)

Every life matters!

Murdered Palestinian girl

Enough is enough. The violence has to stop!

Aseel Tareq Abu Oun – RIP

Eight-year-old Aseel Tareq Abu Oun was killed after being rammed by an Israeli settler’s car, near Furush Beit Dajan area, east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. The girl was leaving a supermarket with a friend when she was struck and killed in broad daylight in front of her father.… (Read more...)

Guardian interview with Felicity Lawrence

The Guardian has published an interview with Felicity Lawrence, recent recipient of the Orwell Prize for investigative journalism. Here is how the introduction to the interview begins:

Felicity Lawrence has reported on some of the most challenging issues facing the modern world, from corporate power – especially in the food system – to migration, the re-emergence of slavery, climate change, and global tax avoidance.(Read more...)

Devil’s Bargain


Striking book by Joshua Brown about the relationship between Bannon and Trump and the frightening ideas that underlie and drive Bannon’s action behind the Trump campaign and subsequent presidency. Below are two segments of a discussion on Democracy Now! with the journalist and author Joshua Brown.

Democracy Now | Joshua Green on “Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald trump & the storming of the White House”

Democracy Now | A look at how a racial theorist tied to Mussoilini & Hitler influenced Steve Banon.… (Read more...)