It’s important! Kimberly Crenshaw on Intersectionality

Professor Crenshaw addressing the question of Intersectionality in her keynote speech to WOW – the Women of the World Festival at the Southbank Centre, London, 2016.

What happens at the intersection?

Understanding what is happening in our complex society requires thinking of situations in terms of the interaction between simultaneous factors taking place on multiple levels.… (Read more...)

Faster than a car!

Ivan Illich famously said that the bicycle was faster than the car, all considered. Of course, there are some preconditions to be fulfilled before that can be true which have more to do with society than bicycles or cars.

Ivan Illich, Energy and Equity, 1978… (Read more...)

From information to opinions to decisions


In response to two questions (see the end of this text) on Facebook, Jim wrote: I don’t listen to the media. Don’t trust them. (…) The media manipulates, which is why I pay them no attention. They discuss this and speculate that and set the public in alarm and have them screaming at Trump, all the while Pizzagate is being investigated but the media finds it unimportant.(Read more...)

Checks and balances

There’s a key lesson to be learnt by Americans from the disastrous Brexit process. Theresa May wanted to bypass parliament and dictate her own path but the judiciary said otherwise. The right-wing press tried to shoot the judges down, but the fact remains that an individual does not govern alone in our countries.… (Read more...)



Many think that the surname Tr**mp has its origins in the musical instrument consisting of a twisted metal tube through which hot air is blown via pursed lips to produce a throaty, almost bodily sound designed to impress enemies in battle. Others maintain that the word springs from a long tubular protrusion that replaces the nose of some large animals and is used to sniffle at females in the preambles to rutting.… (Read more...)

The Forty-fiver syndrome

There are a good many people like Forty-five* in the world, brash, outspoken individuals who insist they have the answer to the problem at hand. Each of us has come across them. Forty-fivers have an inflated sense of their worth but have no idea that they lack the competencies needed for the task they insist on doing.… (Read more...)