The Forty-fiver syndrome

There are a good many people like Forty-five* in the world, brash, outspoken individuals who insist they have the answer to the problem at hand. Each of us has come across them. Forty-fivers have an inflated sense of their worth but have no idea that they lack the competencies needed for the task they insist on doing.… (Read more...)

Universal bullshit

The map depicts those parts of Switzerland where the Swiss Post may no longer be required to deliver post in the very near future as cuts are made in so-called universal service. No doubt this evolution is the impact of extensive internet penetration, the liberalisation of postal services, sparking fierce competition particularly in parcels, and a general tendency to slash the budgets of state-run services.… (Read more...)

Screaming mad? Who cares?

Many of the pictures of Forty-five* published in the press, not to mention his unpredictability and his ravings on stage, point to some form of mental trouble. Yet American psychiatrists have shied away from speculating on his sanity or lack of it, afraid of coming away smattered from a messy combat, as if a diagnosis at a distance would undermine their credibility, putting them on a par with astrologers.… (Read more...)

A dance for life

For all its cry of sadness and rage – at the Orlando shooting tragedy – this music/dance video by Sia, with the dancer Maddie Ziegler, is a call to life. Dance, the ultimate expression of the human body in movement, fills me with wonder and joy. This video is excellent. I know.… (Read more...)

Nano what?

Quote of the day: Research showed that, breathed in through the nose, nano particles of Magnetite (an oxide of iron) entered the brain via the olfactory nerve. These nano particles are thought to play a role in degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer. (Freely translated from French. Source: Le Temps Sept.(Read more...)