Kill the pig!

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“Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!” was what the stranded boys chanted as they ran rampage on their island in search of one of their number to slaughter. Surely it is unlikely to see such a scene from William Golding’s Lord of the Flies in what is supposed to be one of the most sophisticated societies in the world.… (Read more...)

Undermine the state

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Irrespective of who his audience is, Trump has to talk about himself and vilify those who are or that he imagines are against him. Here he was addressing 12-16-year-old scouts. His behaviour lastingly tarnishes the image of the Presidency and his actions wreak havoc on the state.

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The Guardian – Trump’s speech to Boy Scouts: fake news, crowd size and New York’s hottest people

Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian – With Trump it’s time to go beyond mere disgust

David Smith, The Guardian – ‘The president is a pyromaniac’: the week Trump set fire to the White House

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It’s important! Kimberly Crenshaw on Intersectionality

Professor Crenshaw addressing the question of Intersectionality in her keynote speech to WOW – the Women of the World Festival at the Southbank Centre, London, 2016.

What happens at the intersection?

Understanding what is happening in our complex society requires thinking of situations in terms of the interaction between simultaneous factors taking place on multiple levels.… (Read more...)

Ban transgender military

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In a typical angry blast of early morning tweets, Trump kicked (1) transgender people from the US military. That’s over 15’000 people. Ostensibly a manoeuvre to gain support from certain US Senators for Trump’s budget and his Mexican border wall who are against the military paying health costs for transgender people.… (Read more...)

Devil’s Bargain


Striking book by Joshua Brown about the relationship between Bannon and Trump and the frightening ideas that underlie and drive Bannon’s action behind the Trump campaign and subsequent presidency. Below are two segments of a discussion on Democracy Now! with the journalist and author Joshua Brown.

Democracy Now | Joshua Green on “Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald trump & the storming of the White House”

Democracy Now | A look at how a racial theorist tied to Mussoilini & Hitler influenced Steve Banon.… (Read more...)

Assist bombings in Yemen

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Thousand’s die every day from cholera in Yemen in an epidemic provoked by bombings by Saudi-led coalition with arms provided by the United States. Just another of those ‘success’ of the American president who was proud of signing such an enormous arms deal with the Saudi’s. Enough of profit at the expense of human lives and wide-spread misery and suffering.… (Read more...)

Faster than a car!

Ivan Illich famously said that the bicycle was faster than the car, all considered. Of course, there are some preconditions to be fulfilled before that can be true which have more to do with society than bicycles or cars.

Ivan Illich, Energy and Equity, 1978… (Read more...)