Puerto Rico: ‘We are dying,’ says San Juan’s mayor

San Juan’s mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, makes an emotional, heartfelt plea for help for Puerto Rica, saying that the island is devastated, that people are dying around her, that if the federal government doesn’t come to their help it will be genocide.

Meanwhile, that swine-in-chief Trump boasts about how good the US response has been in helping Puerto Rica and sneers at a mayor who, according to him is incapable.… (Read more...)

Trump guilty of crimes against humanity

Irma denying climate breakdown

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Trump is guilty of crimes against humanity. Enough is enough. Let’s call a spade a spade.

As record-breaking Hurricane Irma devastates islands in the Caribbean and heads towards Florida, as Houston reels under the impact of Hurricane Harvey, as forest fires rage through the drought-stricken west coast of the US, not to mention massive flooding around the world, Trump stands up in front of oil workers in a North Dakota refinery and boasts about quitting the Paris climate deal and giving the go-ahead for several major oil pipelines.… (Read more...)