Women’s Day 2018

Women's Day 2018
International women's Day 2018. "We are strong. We bow to no one. We are the creative force of this world. We give birth to the future, our future..." Annie Wight, Stories People Tell... [Read More]
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Trump misses his target, yet again

Chappatte on Trzmp
The whole farcical situation of the Trump presidency underlines the fact that not everybody, no matter how bloated their ego or how bent on destruction their followers, is suited to head a country... [Read More]
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Brexit and the fantasies that ensue

Brexit and the fantasies that ensue
Brexit: what better illustration of how a new word can become the vehicle for so much wishful thinking, so many fantasies and such terrible nightmares, as well as a festering breeding-ground for divisive thinking and extreme ideologies. First of all, there was a vote. A referendum. Living as I do [Read More]
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Bacon kills…

Bacon kills...
The health-devastating choices of a meat industry seeking to maximise their profits are evident. Those players have sought to cover-up the truth using moves lifted straight from the tobacco industry's playbook... [Read More]
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Boycotting Apple and Amazon over National R*fle Association streaming app

Boycotting Apple and Amazon over National R*fle Association streaming app
Activists are calling for a one-day boycott of Apple and Amazon on March 1st because they host an app streaming material for the American National R*fle Association. In many European countries advertising cigarettes is banned because encouraging behaviour that damages health is considered socially and legally unacceptable. So it makes [Read More]
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We the People at Bonn COP

We the People at Bonn COP
Democracy Now is broadcasting all this week from the climate summit in Bonn. In this extract, we see the protest of climate activists from the We the People movement against the one and only session organised at the summit by the Tr*ump administration ... [Read More]
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Beyond elimination – rethinking democracy

landesgemeinde rethinking democracy
That Donald Trump is a grave danger to humanity leaves no doubt. That his supporters and backers are criminal in their intention to ransack the world and blight the poor, the marginalised and the needy for their own gain is clear to see. But let not the looming catastrophe blind us to the fact that, above all, it is the functioning of the democratic system that needs fixing... [Read More]
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Don’t talk about guns after a massacre

Don't talk about guns after a massacre
Seen from abroad this rabid attachment to guns, in which individuals proudly stockpile deadly weapons, despite the slaughter gun-possession leads to verges on collective madness. When are Americans going to have the courage to stand up and say "No!" to guns?... [Read More]
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Puerto Rico: ‘We are dying,’ says San Juan’s mayor

Puerto Rico: 'We are dying,' says San Juan's mayor

As Trump criticises the mayor of San Juan, how I wish that I could banish the man and his cronies to the most remote and devastated part of Puerto Rica.

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Trump guilty of crimes against humanity

Irma denying climate breakdown

Trump is guilty of crimes against humanity. Enough is enough. Let's call a spade a spade. As record-breaking Hurricane Irma devastates islands in the Caribbean and heads towards Florida, as Houston reels under the impact of Hurricane Harvey, as forest fires rage through the drought-stricken west coast of the US, not to mention massive flooding around the world, Trump stands up in front of oil workers in a North Dakota refinery and boasts about quitting the Paris climate deal and giving the go-ahead for several major oil pipelines...

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