Stop the warmongering

Sunset over lake

Bombs are never an answer to problems. No more than guns are. Repeatedly resorting to weapons as a solution to complex, conflictual situations is not a sign of strength or intelligence. On the contrary. It is an admission of weakness, of inability, of failure, of lack of imagination, even of insanity.… (Read more...)

Who cares? We do!

While people drool over the sex scandals of the US president, more pressing and life-threatening issues go unattended.

Over a million people march the streets, most of them children and young people, listening to the inspiring speeches of student victims in a protest against guns and gun violence in the US.… (Read more...)

Trump misses his target, yet again

Chappatte on Trzmp

The above cartoon is by Chappatte and was published in Le Temps today. The inscription on the canon reads, Commercial War. Trump is saying, “Take that, Chinese.”  To which the glum official points out, “There? That’s Canada.”

The whole farcical situation of the Trump presidency underlines the fact that not everybody, no matter how bloated their ego or how bent on destruction their followers, is suited to head a country.… (Read more...)

Brexit and the fantasies that ensue

Brexit: what better illustration of how a new word can become the vehicle for so much wishful thinking, so many fantasies and such terrible nightmares, as well as a festering breeding-ground for divisive thinking and extreme ideologies.

First of all, there was a vote. A referendum. Living as I do in Switzerland which regularly holds such votes on all manner of issues, it is well known that many voters do not respond to the question asked, but a question of their own choosing.… (Read more...)