An Almighty Joke

Almighty joke

Almighty joke? Erect soldiers standing to attention by the path side to greet the day after a night of violent storms. Well at least the Almighty Architect had a sense of humour. Seeing the state of the world, there was some doubt about that. Or maybe he or she just had a limited palette of forms to chose from.… (Read more...)

Enough is enough, but beware damage by his minions

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Enough of the clown. That attention is so focused on him is not surprising. He knows how to hold media attention with his outrageous and shocking behaviour. People are understandably up in arms against his words and acts. Not only is he a staunch neo-liberalist out to rape the world and most of its people for the betterment of a select few, but recent events have reminded everyone that he is and always has been a racist.… (Read more...)

Race-hatred fanned by fawning authorities

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Race-hatred is being fanned across the U.S. but also in many other countries. Both right-wing politicians and certain media fuel discontent, repeatedly and incorrectly heaping blame on those who are different. The campaign for Brexit was a flagrant example of a nationalist, isolationist discourse with heavy racist undertones.

This weekend, alt-right groups including the KKK marched armed and unmasked through the university campus in Charlottesville sporting flags with swastikas.… (Read more...)

Word-ban: How to combat climate change


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Word-ban! How to end climate change? Easy. Ban the use of the word!

In his visionary novel, 1984, George Orwell wrote: In the end, we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible because there will be no words in which to express it.

Out of sheer greed and/or ideological short-sightedness, Trump and his neoliberal buddies are using the same tactic to do away with climate change: ban the use of the expression and those words related to it.… (Read more...)

Elect an illiterate president

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An illiterate president – the ultimate recipe for disaster

Illiterate? The word rings like an accusation. In itself, it is not.  It is the combination of the two words ‘illiterate’ and ‘president’ that is accusatory. The dictionary says of being illiterate: ignorant in a particular subject or activity: uncultured or poorly educated; badly written or expressed.(Read more...)